Executive Courses

1. Strategic Decision Making

Depending on the client, we will use one of several comprehensive business simulations to conduct workshops and training modules that can range from a couple days to several weeks depending on the program and client objectives. Whether for business unit leaders or C-suite executives, participants will learn practical knowledge and skills, appropriate for their role, that can be implemented immediately in their work.

2. Finance for Non-Finance

Leaders today are constantly driven to create value for their organization. Evaluating the pros and cons of economic tradeoffs associated with managerial decision making requires a thorough understanding of financial concepts. We have several simulations designed to teach finance to corporate leaders on topics ranging from financial statements and ratio analysis to more complex concepts such as working capital management and capital budgeting.


Testimonials from customers who are satisfied with services that have been effectively
used in marketing for as long as marketing exists.
Calvin Yvin

After working for the past two years, I have realized that many of the simulation features were also in real working life. At my current work, I am responsible for forecasts, placing orders, pricing, and marketing. My task is to study competitor product, estimate the number of sales of a certain product in a specific price range based on the market share of each brand. This would fall in the forecast phase of the game. Another phase in the game which I found very helpful is pricing. As Laos current economic situation is rather unstable, the national Lao Kip currency tends to fluctuate very often throughout the year; therefore, monitoring exchange rate is crucial. Global DNA has taught me how important teamwork is in a company. It teaches you that every single choice you decide to make will have a great impact on the outcome. I believe it has and continues to help a lot of students to think more critically and have a first-hand experience on how a company operates.

Calvin YvinHead of Department Company, L Thong Huot Telecom Co., Ltd., Loas
Vince EnsleinAcademic, USA

I wanted to let you know that [Capsim simulations] are one of the best bargains, yes I said bargains, on the market. My students get more value per dollar than any other learning tool they have. Thank you.

Vince Enslein, Academic, USAUser
Dan Fogel

The simulation [Capsim] has been a fantastic addition to my classes and the support given is tremendous. I recently tried a competition across three countries and it was a success – all in two days with 7 rounds!

Dan Fogel, Academic, USAUser
Dr.Tony Muscia

 Students have the opportunity to see how decisions resonate within all areas of the company and they begin to appreciate the organization as a system of interrelated parts. We will definitely continue using the program [Capsim] for our MBA Capstone course.

Dr.Tony Muscia, Academic, USAUser
Veerin Worakittisophon


Veerin Worakittisophon, The Winner of L’Oreal Brandstorm 2017Student