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Participants of Capstone can practice various business skills, learn how different business functions are inter-related, and make decisions holistically in a simulated business environment. Capstone is suitable for advanced courses and middle- and top-level corporate training.

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Participants of CAPSIM GlobalDNA learn how geographically diverse demands, growth potentials, exchange rates, tariffs, and taxes influence decisions of firms operating in an international environment. GlobalDNA is appropriate for international business courses and corporate training for multinational corporations. 

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Participants of Foundation can acquire basic business acumen and skills essential to make fundamental decisions in various functional departments in a company. Foundation is ideal for introductory business courses and corporate trainings for participants with non-business backgrounds.

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Our Services

Experiential learning tools/Business simulation

We provide various business simulations and experiential learning tools for academic and corporate clients. Our tools and business simulations enable participants to practice planning, critical and analytical thinking, and teamwork and effective communication, which are necessary skills for businesses.

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Academic Training/Workshop

To enable an effective implementation of various business simulations, we provide exclusive training and consultancy that facilitate our academic clients to achieve highest learning outcomes from specific applications of different experiential learning tools. Our services encompass lesson plan development, pedagogical planning, and student and professor support.

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Corporate Executive Courses

For corporate clients, we provide customized service in helping them develop training and workshop programs that allow them to achieve their corporate objectives. Different experiential learning tools and business simulations can be designed to enhance leadership and team building as well as staff development.

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Testimonials from customers who are satisfied with services.
Thaksakorn Lertboonsupa, Thai

Traditional business study would teach you based on theories and cases that inevitably make you miss out an important aspect of doing business, the real dynamic competitive environments. Working on Capstone brought me a much more complete perspective on this aspect as we not only need to plan our business to make it function properly, but we also need to proactively do business under intense competition in turbulent business environments created by other teams of competitor.

Thaksakorn Lertboonsupa, ThaiExecutive, Consumer Insights, Finance IPG, The Nielsen Company (Thailand) Ltd.
Stephan Caps, Swedish

The CAPSIM GlobalDNA Simulation program was a highlight when I summarise my educational experience. It was a real-world experience that benefited me in my career immensely as it involved working as a team from different backgrounds and utilising each other’s strengths and moderate each other’s weaknesses to best achieve an optimal result. It truly is a great tool if used right and a very challenging but rewarding journey to be exposed to.

Stephan Caps, Swedish M&A Analyst, Spectrum Corporate Finance, (Generalist Boutique M&A Advisory London)
Myat Lay Khine, MD

I have participated in CAPSIM Foundation Simulation two times. The first one was as a group project with my classmates during my MBA course and our team was the best-performing team among all teams. The second one was as an individual competitor in the 2016 Spring CAPSIM Simulation Challenge, of which I was ranked 21st with Balanced Scorecard score of 871. The simulation was an exciting and interesting challenge for me and I got so many experiences. It does not only gave me an experience for the whole business with a bird-eye view, but also made me balance a company with different important sections. Therefore, participating in the simulation and the CAPSIM Challenge were one of the great experiences for business development and it gave me both theoretical knowledge and practical experiences

Myat Lay Khine, MDGeneral Manager, General Electric Group Co., Ltd., Myanmar Business
Myat Noe Soe Thein, M.D. (Max), Burmese

The experience of getting to work with simulation has been top notch experience for me in my MBA program. The best thing about simulation is that it gives me the bird eye vision of the businesses that I am managing now. It helps me see how the departments are interconnected and how to manage the different departments in different financial situations. It not only helps me see how to grow in profitable business but also helps me in controlling the risk in losing business as well.

Myat Noe Soe Thein, M.D. (Max), BurmeseManaging Director, Yanex Co., Ltd., Myanmar
Aung Zaw Oo , Burmese

Using CAPSIM GlobalDNA simulation helps me gain concrete knowledge of business strategies. Strategic principles of simulation have shown me the relationships among products, pricing, and demands. I realized the importance of systematic inventory control method to manage cash flows and cost management. I have applied what I learned from the simulation and it has helped me achieve profit growth in my business.

Aung Zaw Oo (John), BurmeseFounder and Chairman of Aung Naing Thitsar, Co., Ltd., Myanmar Business